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Plug-and-play offline-first and real-time data for apps with SQL backends

Create apps that are always available and feel instant to use.

PowerSync is a cloud service and SDK that bi-directionally syncs backend SQL databases with on-device SQLite databases.

How it works

Plug-and-play sync system for apps with SQL backends

A robust offline-first architecture with real-time data streaming typically requires a heavy lift and a complex architecture. PowerSync simplifies this with a plug-in cloud service and SDK.

what you get

Instant offline-first and real-time data

Offline-first architecture

PowerSync provides an automatically replicated local in-app database with real-time sync. This removes complexity and allows app developers to work with a local database instead of being dependent on API development.

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Real-time data streaming

PowerSync automatically streams data update events from your backend database to users in real-time. Data is scoped to the user based on declarative rules.

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what it means

Reduce the cost and complexity of building offline-first apps with real-time data

Stick with your existing SQL architecture while enabling modern apps.


Work directly with the local in-app database provided by the PowerSync SDK

The SDK takes care of automatically syncing with the backend database even if network connectivity is not immediately available. When users are online, the SDK streams data updates in real-time.

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Developers query and update the local database directly, with no nead for REST or GraphQL API calls.



await db.execute('UPDATE users SET name=? WHERE id=?', ['My name', user_id]);


A shortcut to robust data sync and real-time streaming

PowerSync can connect to existing SQL databases to automatically sync data to SQLite client databases with a strong consistency model.

Data scoping and security is handled by a sync service that is easy to configure and debug.

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why powersync?

A complete sync system for SQL databases

Stick with proven SQL technologies while adding a complete sync system. Including a way to dynamically scope which data gets synced to which users — one of the hardest problems in data syncing.

Highly reliable data scoping system

With the sync rules system, data is scoped using declarative rules so that users sync and subscribe to only the data updates relevant to them.

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Based on proven SQL technologies

Stick with proven SQL technologies on both your backend and client.

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tech stack agnostic

Current support for


Planned support for

Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle DB
React Native
Kotlin Native

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what you get

We built a fully featured sync system so you don’t have to

Supports custom conflict resolution

Because all writes go through your backend API, you can easily add custom conflict resolution logic.

No database migrations necessary

Client-side schema and data migrations are not necessary. Schema changes only require some reprocessing which is handled automatically.

Super fast SQLite performance

The PowerSync SDK includes several optimizations that result in incredibly fast database queries and writes.

Multiple databases, one cloud service

Multiple source databases can be connected to one instance of the PowerSync Cloud Service.

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